History of Dubai

History of Dubai

Dubai is often recognized as the best place for business activities. In the last couple of decades the place has grown from a fishing village to a trading harbor. They are being recognized all over the world for their vast business potential. The place was earlier known as the Trucial States and later it was established as the United Arab Emirates on 2nd December 1971 along with Dubai. The country is a federation of seven emirates.

Dubai is one of the world renowned business hubs and among the seven emirates that constitutes the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. The union of seven Sovereign emirates that includes Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman that formed a federation in the year 1971. Ras Al Khaimah joined with them next year. Meanwhile, the Britishers withdrew from the Gulf as part of the ‘East of Suez’ policy.

According to the ancient history, archaeologists suggest that human beings have been living at the place no less than 3000 BC ago. A few of the archeologists has also found that people belong to the mystifying civilization of Bronze Age Magan as well. The research also suggests that Magan ships sailed to Babylonia and beyond Mesopotamia as well. They were engaged in trading copper as well as pearls from here. The infamous Magan civilization is expected to wane just about 2000 BC.

Archaeologists have also found excavations at area of Jumeira, around 10km to the south of Dubai and lately unearthed a caravan station at the place. The place has shown several signs of trading relations with the neighboring countries. The Persian Dynasty also inhabited the mouth of Dubai Creek since 224 AD and was motivated by the Umayyad. They settled at the place and started the Islam religion at the place. Trade continued with the place and it further reached to incredible deals for the lowest day after day prices around the Gulf region as well.

Dubai has come forward with a huge difference over these years successfully; from being a small under-rated city to a living heaven of luxury & exoticness.